Life with extra 2 hours

I used to sleep more than 8 hours a day

but now I cannot sleep more than 6 hours a day

I don’t know why. My body doesn’t need it anymore.


Now a day is 2 hours longer

and I don’t know what to do with the 2 hours.


6 hours sleep,

I guess you could be precious.

You are giving me 2 extra hours to my day.

Or are you just a trouble

that you will stay with me forever and won’t let me sleep more than 6 hours ever again.


8 hours sleep,

I miss you.

The 2 hours used to be my pleasure of sleep.

I have never realised you could be gone.

Or are you coming back soon

then 6 hours could be precious for now

and it should be appreciated that it is giving me extra 2 hours to do something without any regret after dragging myself out of bed in the morning.


Orange peelers

Orange peelers are the main trend especially in winter.

Those troops are high in vitamin c and brave enough to take the risk of having smelly fingers of citrus.

There are no chance to get caught by winter bugs and very protective growing skin with them.

Watch out for orange peelers!



a poem: cabbage flower


You were called decorative cabbage

At flower bouquet section

in waitrose today


Aren’t you a vegetable

Since when have you been a flower

Tell me all about it


I thought I totally knew you

But you are actually someone completely different

Is your name eatable flower

Or decorative cabbage


I don’t even know your proper name


a poem: Sushi


Sushi Sushi Sushi


Why are you so good

Your rice taste amazing with the vinegar

and fish makes it perfect

especially salmon, you are the best

When I saw your creativity in california roll

you made me feel like you’ve cut your hair

but I still liked it

But when I saw you being totally vege

It was like I am looking at my ex-boyfriend with new girl

but I respect you

Whoever invented this amazing food

Thank you


Sushi Sushi Sushi


a poem: The universe


We should appreciate whatever exists in this universe

or karma will spank your arse

Appreciate the noise

you even didn’t realise

Don’t forget to apologise

if you stepped on someone’s heels

Appreciate the cheese

that is there for you in your sandwiches

Or you will get splashed by a car on a rainy day


For the record, I think karma is affecting me because of my unnice behaviour and  ways of thinking. I haven’t got anything after 7 job interviews.  This must be a cycle of  bad karma.

Let me confess. I have been treating my flatmate, about 70 years old, not nice. I have been eating unhealthy. I painted ruined wall which I should have told my land lady to fix. I put a lot of laundry to the washing machine secretly even she told me not to. I put everything into the drain even tho she told me it will overflow.

God, please give me a job. I will behave from now on. and put smile on my face once in every 10 minutes.